Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Femininazation of the Catholic Church

In an age when the need for order and discipline are exceedingly great, the Church Militant, the Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth has betrayed its mission, to a large degree. It certainly has been severely weakened in its mission. It's power and forcefulness to fight evil (the power and force of pornography and sexual temptation almost everywhere one turns especially for the young and teenagers, but also the many adults, including Catholic married men hooked on pornography, along with the growing homosexual abominations in this country, are little battled), it's ability to command respect as Christ's Divine Institution, it's ability to inspire hope and confidence in an infinitely good Creator and Redeemer, and a beacon for those bewildered by stormy seas, has been severely curbed. And one reason for this decay is that the firm manly approach to ruling the Catholic Church, and preaching sermons has been replaced by what I term THE FEMININAZATION OF THE CHURCH.

The changes to the Catholic Church which have severely weakened it and left it deceived with many false and poorly understood theological teachings, and many weak and modernized and irreverent practices, harmful to the Church, came about through the Great Council of Vatican II (1962-1965). Please read the 30 page paper at In this 30 page paper, the term FEMININAZATION OF THE CHURCH is explained in some small depth. It is explained that the term has little to do with the presence of girls and women in roles previously reserved for the priest, deacons before ordination to the priesthood, or altar boys, but refers to the soft and feminine approach to ruling the Church. Satan laughs now at much of what the Catholic Church does, while before and traditionally he trembled.

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